IT/Data Protection

Our practice group for IT law and data protection advises national and international IT, life sciences, telecommunications, FinTech, mobility, media and publishing companies on transactions, litigation, and all industry specific legal matters related to IT law and data protection. Moreover, we support traditional businesses in implementing digital transformation strategies.

With regard to the use, acquisition, purchase and distribution of digital technologies legal services to our clients include the following matters:


  • Transactions in the field of national and international distribution of software and other technology products, including advice on the structuring and implementation of distribution and licensing models 
  • Drafting and negotiation of industry specific agreements and standard terms and conditions, including:
    • Software development agreements
    • Software Distribution agreements
    • Technology license agreements
    • IT project agreements
    • IT services agreements
    • IT outsourcing agreements
    • OEM agreements
    • Collaboration agreements
    • Research and development agreements
    • Online marketplace terms and conditions
    • Agreements on cloud computing, Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
    • Agreements on online marketing of content protected by intellectual property rights
    • Merger and acquisition and technology transfer agreements 
  • IT law due diligence
  • Advice on licensing, use and integration of open source software
  • Advice on structuring and legal compliance of national and international distribution and marketing activities


IT-based business processes regularly require the collection and processing of personal data. We support our clients in structuring their activities in compliance with national and international data protection laws. Our services include:


  • Ensuring data protection law compliance of business activities, products and services, including big data solutions
  • Data protection law due diligence
  • Support on obtaining and documenting consents to the collection and processing of personal data
  • Drafting of privacy policies
  • Data protection advice in relation to national and international IT outsourcing and cloud computing
  • Drafting of agreements on commissioned data processing
  • Protection of employee data
  • Communications with data protection authorities for obtaining the authorities' support and approval of certain data processing procedures
  • Representation in the event of regulatory measures taken by data protection authorities
  • Advice on implementation of the requirements stipulated by the EU General Data Protection Regulation